How Mednoting’s AI Solutions Empower Healthcare Professionals

how mednoting healthcare AI solutions empower healthcare professionals

AI is not as new as it is often perceived. The origin of AI goes back to the mid-20th century. when some scientists started experimenting with how they could make machines that mimic human behavior, such as thinking. However, the modern AI revolution with advanced machine learning technologies has been around the corner for a decade. It has made remarkable progress in every industry, and it has become a leading technology all over the world. AI has simplified a lot of repetitive and boring tasks that are too time-consuming for humans and monotonous. AI has now started to transform the healthcare industry as well.

Mednoting is AI-based software that works on voice recognition technology to understand medical terms and create an electronic health record for a patient. It also helps doctors understand the diagnosis better, propose and suggest tests and treatments, and make digital notes for the doctor. Mednoting provides healthcare AI solutions to medical professionals. Here are the key features of Mednoting that are useful and time-saving for every medical professional. Providing them with more time to spend on their patients’ care instead of the documentation and monotonous tasks. Mednoting is specially designed to provide a simple yet practical solution to medical professionals’ daily needs.

  • User friendly: It is highly user-friendly, easy to understand and use, and it can be easily integrated.
  • Secure: It is HIPAA-compliant and provides complete security for the medical history and records of the patient.
  • Easy Access: It can be easily accessed through any browser, such as Chrome or Safari, and can be used on both Android and iOS apps.

Digital Medical Scribe

Mednoting assists healthcare professionals by streamlining consultations with a live AI-based medical scribe that accurately records doctor-patient conversations. It eliminates the time-consuming and repetitive task of recording the conversions of patients and doctors. It has real-time multi-speech recognition technology. It can capture multiple voices at the same time.

Patient Portal

Mednoting also offers a patient portal for healthcare professionals. Patient portals are really important in the healthcare industry to record and save patients records. Mednoting provides the facility to view lab results of patients through the portal without the hustle of collecting reports from the laboratory. It prepares medical professionals before patient consultations by providing diagnosis and treatment suggestions.

Autonomous Medical Coding

Mednoting provides autonomous medical coding facilities to medical professionals.It uses AI-supported algorithms to automatically assign medical codes to the diagnosis, which eliminates the chances of human error. It can be used on large-scale data without spending a lot of time. It supports a discrete coding system without human interference.

Assisted Patient Communication

Mednoting provides a healthcare professional with the leverage to draft messages for their patients queries. It also provides the feature of urgent and minor queries for the patient. The urgent queries are shown at the top of the list so that they are not missed by medical professionals. It automatically generates reminders of upcoming appointments and follow-ups. 


AI has now started to transform the healthcare industry like any other industry. It has changed the lives of health professionals by continuously evolving. It is not only beneficial for healthcare professionals but also for patients. Read more about how AI empowers the healthcare industry. Mednoting is an AI-based software specially designed for healthcare professionals by keeping in mind their daily work load, unpredictable work schedules, and hectic routine. It helps medical professionals get rid of manual entries of patient data. Recording patient interaction with the doctor and suggesting diagnoses and tests based on the multi-speech recognition feature. It also has a patient portal that has patient records, labs, and test reports digitally available just a few clicks away. Another key feature is the option of saving drafts of the messages, checking urgent queries of patients, and getting reminders of upcoming appointments and follow-ups.

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